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WordPress Plugin: Editor Search

Blogged in by Andrew · Wednesday May 4, 2005

The Editor Search plugin adds searching and ‘go to line number’ functionality to the WordPress theme/plugin editors built-in to your admin area. Once the plugin is installed and activated, you’ll notice two new input boxes above the main textarea to allow you to easily search below.

Current Version: 1.3
Download Editor Search 1.3 Plugin for WordPress 1.5

Release Notes
version 1.3 / 2005-06-07
Word searching now wraps in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. I also made a small usability improvement (I think) in this version, when you click in one of the input boxes, the other will clear. Now you won’t be searching for ‘Firefox’ and still have the line number 5 in your other entry box. It was annoying me so I fixed that.

Finally, per Jalenack’s request I’ve added the ability to switch the javascript to an “external” format. Personally I preferred the old way so I’ve decided to leave that as the default method. If you want to try the external format, I tried to provide a brief explanation and instructions near the beginning of the plugin file. No matter which method you choose, everything is still contained in just the one file. Note you do NOT have to edit the plugin file at all if you want to continue letting it work the way it always has, only if you prefer the external javascript reference.

version 1.2 / 2005-06-01
After much frustration, I’m pleased to announce that Editor Search now works in Internet Explorer 6.0. IE appears to automatically scroll the textarea to the proper position when I move the cursor, so that should be perfectly accurate, however the slight deviation from the proper position still occurs in Firefox, hoping to minimize/eliminate that in 1.4 or 1.5. One minor difference in IE is that word searching doesn’t currently wrap when you reach the end, I should be fixing that in 1.3.

version 1.1 / 2005-05-15
The only noticable change is the addition of form tags around the input boxes to facilitate hitting the enter/return key after typing in your search phrase or line number. In the background, the code added to the editor pages should now be Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

version 1.0 / 2005-05-04
I’ve only tested the plugin in Firefox for now. I’m actually not sure it will work on IE due to differences in grabbing the cursor position and scrolling variables via JavaScript. I’ll try to add official IE support in the future.

The plugin attempts to scroll your textarea to the proper location so you can see the word it found (or line number it put you on), however it isn’t entirely accurate at this point. I’m pretty sure it’s because of lines wrapping and I’m working on a new scrollToCursor routine, but I wanted to get this out there to start with.

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