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Dell 2405FPW Insanity

Blogged in The Site by Andrew · Thursday July 28, 2005

Wowsers. So I bought one of the Dell 24″ monsters (2405FPW) and it arrived this week. Just plain crazy, the thing absolutely dwarfs everything around it. I LOVE IT! Best thing I’ve bought computer-wise in ages. When I saw it for $779 (the best deal I’ve seen on it yet, and so much cheaper than Apple’s 23″ Cinema Display) I just had to snap one up. If you’ve got $800-900 lying around, treat yourself to one of these monster LCDs from Dell, regret it you won’t.

I of course happen to have an HDTV card in my computer and can watch over the air broadcasts. Back at 1280×960 on my old monitor I could really only see 720p at full resolution, now at 1920×1200 on the monster I can see full 1080i in all its glory, and glorious it is. If you’ve got a reasonable fast computer and a high-res display, be sure and check out the High Definition WMV files from Microsoft at their WMV HD Showcase. Available downloads at 720p and 1080p that are a sight to behold. Apple also has an HD Gallery for their new QuickTime 7 format (still in beta for Windows-based computers), also gorgeous, though they don’t appear to let you try 1080p on Windows (yet?).

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