Welcome to the online portfolio of Andrew Buckman. I've been involved in computers since the age of 8. I taught myself BASIC from the manual included with my computer back in the days of MS-DOS 3.30 and GW-BASIC. Eventually I moved to Visual Basic and unleashed my first program while in high school after brainstorming with a friend. By my sophomore year of college I had grown tired of Windows programming and elected to major in business with an emphasis on finance. While I created my first website back in 1996 on GeoCities, it wasn't until 2000 upon discovering the beauty of CSS combined with the power of PHP / MySQL that I truly found myself hooked on developing for the web. Throughout the years, I have developed a variety of personal projects for the web, started a handful of businesses, and even dabbled in photography a bit.

I spent three years (ending June 2008) with a local internet marketing firm, Envano, as the Web Designer/Developer. During this time I had the opportunity to consistently refine designs while building out projects for the web, develop a staging-to-live file transfer utility for clients to utilize with automated backups, integrate Google Maps into a variety of sites in a distributor locator capacity, and utilize a Google Mini search appliance for site searches. With the release of the Mootools JavaScript library in 2006, my interest in front-end development and the user experience grew tremendously.

In February of 2008, I was contracted for a two-month position to rewrite the Web Development Concepts exam for the online testing company, Brainbench.com. Upon completion of my contract, I was awarded the distinction of Content Subject Matter Expert in recognition of my expertise in the field.

I spent two years ending August 2010 with Laugh Your Way, America handling all of their internet marketing, email marketing, social media, web design, web development, analytics, SEO, and online store management needs. During my tenure, I designed and developed 9 new websites, developed a Facebook fan base of over 20,000 fans, initiated PPC campaigns yielding an ROI consistently over 600%, increased organic search traffic by over 100% with a 5x increase in keyword breadth, and implemented my email marketing plan growing our list beyond 40,000 subscribers with an average open rate over 30%.

These days, I handle internet marketing, web design, and web development for a variety of clients under my own business, stormyfrog studios, LLC. I work with national touring speakers including Ken Davis, prominent bloggers like Michael Hyatt, small e-commerce businesses including The Cupcake Tower, and a variety of personal projects. When time permits, I release some of my work as open source projects, mostly WordPress plugins and some older MooTools extensions.

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio. Please use the navigation in the upper-right to view the various sections of my portfolio.

Andrew Buckman