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WordPress Plugin: Editor Search

Blogged in Wordpress by Andrew · Wednesday May 4, 2005

Tossed together my first plugin for WordPress today. Personally I like using the theme and plugin editors built-in to WordPress. However one much needed feature for me is a basic search, especially when editing the main CSS file as it is huge. So after a bit of research and some Javascript work, I’ve created Editor Search. Expecting a more clever name? Me too, but it describes what it does so I’m sticking with it. Release notes can be found on the permalink.

Download Editor Search 1.0 Plugin for WordPress 1.5

Editor Search Permalink <- Release notes here.

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  7. Davion says:

    What I want to do on my blog, is every few hours take the oldest post and move it to the
    front of the queue, all automatically. Anyone know if there is a plugin that can do this or
    a simple way to set up another plugin to do this (use my own feed perhaps)?

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